The mere thought of planning a wedding or other significant celebration can be daunting. We work with our clients to ensure that the planning process becomes the beginning of a memorable adventure culminating in a wedding or celebration of which dreams are made.


The HS team will plan and implement the entire process . We only offer full service planning and our clients have found that this is the best financial value for more than the obvious reason that hundreds of hours of their time are saved. Ultimately, HS's experience, knowledge and creativity savesthe client money and prevents expensive mistakes. The cost of a weekend wedding coordinator , the inevitable unnecessary expenditures due to a client's inexperience and the often hidden expense of other planning businesses - vendor commissions or goods and services paid to a planner, billing expense, etc. make HS & Co. a tremendous value. We engage, coordinate and manage every vendor involved in the event ensuring that the execution of the vision is flawless. We watch the costs because we know what to watch for.We work closely with our clients to establish a realistic budget based on projected expenses once the vision has been established. We make appointments, attend meetings with vendors and monitor ongoing expenses. We compose long and short term timelines. We provide mailing service and we manage the calligraphy process. We handle all of the details so that our clients can enjoy the adventure.Our boutique style service ensures that all of our clients needs are met.


We are particularly proud of the level of sophistication that is reflected in the events that we are known for producing. We are committed to staying fresh and informed with regard to trends in food, florals, lighting and venues.Whether an event is formal or casual, there is always a significant level of creativity and attention to detail. It is of utmost importance that our clients feel that the event is the very best version of the clients’ vision. Our clients have access to our vintage linen, silver and specialty props. We are especially known for incorporating unique elements into event design - art, textiles, floral containers, etc.


There are so many elements involved in making the clients’ event run smoothly. We create very specific weekend timelines for everyone involved, we schedule services and deliveries, we arrange transportation and we organize the vendor payments due on the day of the event. Hollis and her experienced staff members are on site tending to every detail prior to the event. The team devotes itself to running an event smoothly in its duration and afterward.

Our clients' privacy is of utmost importance to us , hence a password is needed to view photos of their weddings. Please contact our office if you would like to access the real weddings portion of this website. We respect the privacy of our clients and reserve these special photos for potential clients.


Why should we hire an event consultant?

A consultant is essential to a well-planned, smoothly executed affair. For instance, the average wedding takes hundreds of hours to plan , design and execute. A professional can alleviate the burden as well as offer guidance that will prevent costly or preventable mistakes. The client can enjoy the process of planning as well as savor the actual experience.

Why are you so particular about the vendors that you will work with?

We are entrusted with the responsibility of producing celebrations of life whether they are weddings or other events. These significant (and often expensive) events can never be repeated. The risk is too high for an event to be entrusted to anyone other than the best vendors available. One single negative factor can irreversibly compromise the event. We are ultimately responsible for the integrity of the event so it is our duty to be steadfast in our resolve to maintain a certain standard.

How much will it cost to engage Hollis Starks and Company to assist us with our wedding?

We charge a flat fee for any of our services. There is no scale or percentage variable. We do not bill our clients for vendor services — they pay the vendors directly hence there are no billing fees or upcharges. We do not accept referral fees from vendors. For more specific information, please contact our office.

What makes you different than other wedding and event planning and design companies?

We produce and design highly individualized weddings and events that meet a standard not limited to this community. Hollis participates as a liason and leads an A+ team especially assembled for each event. We are continually told by clients and vendors that our work ethic is outstanding. We offer boutique rentals such as vintage linens, vintage and antique service pieces, exquisite chandeliers and assorted props available for event décor. Our sense of detail is not limited to design — it is evident with regard to scheduling, troubleshooting and financial analysis.